Icons used on this website from the Noun Project:

Wifi Tower by Icon Fair
Wind Turbine by Rockicon
Satellite Dish by Stephen Plaster
Brain by Becca O’Shea
Report Clipboard by Nick Bluth
Antenna by Felix Westphal
Radio Wave by Jake Dunham
Multiple Locations by Hea Poh Lin
Check List by Jhon
Wifi Money by Pravin Unagar
Pie Chart, Compliance, High Performance, Safety, Handshake, Like by Gregor Črešnar
United States, Move, Route, Heart Monitor, Walkie Talkie by Sergey Demushkin
Laptop, Police Department by Ralf Schmitzer
Cell Site by Michael Thompson
Sine Waves by Davo Sime
Oscilloscope by Anthony Bossard
Auction, Police Car, Stethoscope by ProSymbols
by Ralf Schmitzer
Eagle by Focus Lab
Cake by Sinistrad
Communication Tower by
Satellite by Rita Cabecinhas
Data Analytics by Leo
Data Analysis by Becris
Locations by Stefan De Haan
Compass by Ema Dimitrova
Shield by Arthur Shlain
Documents by Danil Polshin
Surveying by Luis Prado
Warning by Robert Leonardo
Circle Danger by Blackspike
Construction Worker, Drag and Drop, Capitol Building by Icon 54
Wave by B. Agustín Amenábar Larraín
News Building by Oliviu Stoian
Wireless Transmitter, Network Folder by Alberto Gongora
Smartphone Medical by Unlimicon
Heartbeat by Alice Noir
Data Visualization by Creative Outlet
Chatting by Karthik Srinivas
Network access by IconfactoryTeam
Location Accepted by Ismael Ruiz
Grid by Francisca Muñoz Colina
Road by Juraj Sedlák
Waves by Joey Hiller
Oil Extraction by Joana Pereira
Database Server by Deepz
House by Arthur Shlain
USB by Eray Kula
Router by Yorlmar Campos
Wireless Light Bulb by Eli Revzin